FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will you visit my factory/office to assess a job?
Yes. We have engineering consultants available for site visitation that can assess your needs quickly and efficiently. Visiting your place of business/factory/site also means we can give you accurate and personalised quotes for solutions you may require.

Can you work from electronic data, hard drawing, sample, sketches, vision etc.?
Yes to all of the above. In fact, we have even completed work for clients based on a description. Generally, the more information provided the sooner we can get work started but we are also more than happy to help contribute ideas to the design process.

Will you pick up and deliver?
Yes. When necessary we can arrange for transfer of goods to and from your premises to our workshop. If you would like, we can inform you of transport requirements and include details for transportation in your quote.

If I have a breakdown, do you do emergency work?

Yes. We have tradesmen available for emergency work. When necessary, emergency machining and fabrication can be under way in less than an hour. If you need work done in a hurry please contact us .

How do I get a Quote/More Information?

Please fill out a simple contact form for all information regarding machining quotes and fabrication quotes . One of our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and give you more details about any of our services.

How quick can you get it done?

Obviously this depends on the size of your project but we do pride ourselves on delivering quality results quickly and to meet your time demands. For example, work for emergency machining and fabrication for repairs and maintenance can be under way in under an hour.